Since 2007, dozens of young people have been found hanged in Bridgend, a town in southern Wales. Many of them knew one another-they were friends, neighbors, and family. The striking similarities between their deaths have confounded authorities and struck fear into the hearts of parents. Headlines splashed across the UK earned Bridgend its infamous nickname: "Death Town."

Bridgend is the groundbreaking documentary film that investigates the chain of events that caused the sleepy town to become the subject of gruesome headlines across the United Kingdom. Peeling back the layers of tragedy, the film features exclusive interviews with family members and friends of the victims, tracing their final hours and revealing the lives lost to this tragic suicide cluster.

Debate continues to rage over the cause of this string of hanging deaths as the numbers continue to rise. The inextricable links between the deaths can't be denied, but local officials tasked with the investigation can offer no answers or solace to the families left behind. Bridgend shines an unprecedented light on the macabre story still unfolding in a town haunted by lives lost to suicide.

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